Popular pets

Probably this should have been the first article to post under pet topic in our website. Let’s have a look at the pet list that we can have in our home which makes our home more beautiful.

Let’s have a look at those:

Dogs are thought to be a typical example of domesticated animals which normally suits to be pets. International breeds like Basset Hound, Beagle, Boxer, Bull Dog, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmatians, Daschund, Doberman, German Sheperd, Great Dane, Irish Setter, Labrador, Pug, and Indian breeds like, Caravan Hound, Chippiparai, Combai, Kanni, Mudhol Hound and Rajapalayam are among the most preferred.

Cats are also commonly found in many households in India. Cats are often seen as introverted, reserved creatures. Though they are less dependent than dogs but still they need attention, love, time and commitment.

Other Mammals
Animals like goats, sheep and horses are also suitable for human companionship as pets or work animals. Pet rabbits usually live for 5 years and sometimes more.

Rabbits, guinea pigs and other fancy rodents are also popular as pets. These type of animals are the interest of the people who sell them.

Birds and Fishes
Everybody is familiar with interesting birds being kept as pets. These birds include cockatoo, parrot, mynah, love-birds etc. It is best to buy the cage with the bird, as each species’ requirements are different. Fishes are also best to keep in household as constantly looks at it aids in peace of mind. You can find designer aquariums and various types of fishes can be found in nearby aquarium shops.


Squirrels are such a fun and cute animals to have in home. I have really enjoyed such moments when I had one in my home. Everyone around you will love that little cute animal and it is exotic beauty to watch their every activity around us. They usually feed on nuts, fruits, seeds or scraps. Squirrels’ behavior can also be changed and they can be taught the skills needed for survival.



Hamsters can seem like a cute and cuddly option when you are looking for the perfect pet. They often have quiet nature and have comparatively clean habits. Hamsters are friendly and are amusing to watch as they go about their daily housekeeping, food storing and exercise on their wheel. Some will even show acknowledgement of their owners, eagerly looking for treats when approached.



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